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Project Development

Creating a Blueprint

Much like when building a house, we have to develop a blueprint before we can build your online business.

Project Development detailes the project requirements and becomes a road map to successfull and timely completion of a project. Developing a quote for a project is impossible before the project development process has been completed.

Even with the simplest sites, there are so many options which make estimating the cost impossible before some research has been done and parameters established. This is a process of learning your perspective, understanding your requirements, researching competition, evaluating various options and creating qualitative and quantitative recommendations. It requires considerable effort by a trained professional with in-depth understanding of web technologies and marketing.

The blueprint can serve as a base for receiving comparative estimates from various vendors. Due to the its nature, the Project Development process is a consulting service provided separately from Online Business Implementation.

Online Business Implementation cannot begin before Projct Development has been completed.


What is Business Catalyst?
BC is a hosted application for building and managing online businesses. Using our unified platform and without back-end coding, you can build everything from amazing websites to powerful online stores, beautiful brochure-ware sites to lead generation mini-sites.