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Client's Letter - Redemptorists Client's Letter - Redemptorists

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August 8, 2012

The Redemptorists of the Denver Province wanted to install a video camera inside their mother church in Rome, Italy. The camera was to provide a live video stream of one of the world's most recognizable works of sacred art. The Church of Sant' Alfonso has been home to this 500-yearold painting- the original icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help --since 1866.

The video stream was supposed to be accessed from our website 24/7. The stream was to be of high quality and the setup was to allow us having control over the camera and the stream from Denver.

There were a number of issues, both technical and logistical_ that had to be overcome. The order had never tried anything like this before. It was brand new territory for everybody and there was a lot on the line. It was a high-visibility project with lots of room for error. We could not afford any mistakes or setbacks.

We knew we had to find a video professional here in the States that we could trust and who was willing to see the project through to the end. Today, thanks toRT, millions of Christians from around the globe can now experience something online that was only possible before by going to the church itself.

Thanks RT for a job well done!

Bruce Crane
Communications & Public Relations Mgr.
Mission Advancement
Redemptorists Denver Province