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Client's Letter - Salt River Productions Client's Letter - Salt River Productions

Dear RT,

I just wanted to send along a short note or thanks for your excellent work on the websites. As we are breaking new ground and in many ways re-inventing ourselves in the production business. I knew I would need some good, solid marketing as part or our foundation. As usual. You did not disappoint us."

We have known each other a long time. As we both know, and what I find interesting, is that whenever I need a new website and blog like update on our existing site,, you are the one I turn to. Must be because I know I can count on you. Which I know I can!

But, as I reflect on your work, it really is simply outstanding. You lislen so well and really hear what we are trying to accomplish. Then you take what we have to say, add your expertise and talent, and then provide us with a contemporary site that is inviting, easy to navigate, and gets our message to our audience in a simple, yet compelling way.

And, thanks, too, for being so attentive to our budget requirements. In a small business like ours. we are trying to stretch our limited resources as far as we can. Your help to give us the look we want within the dollar constraints we have is another asset you have that I truly appreciate.

To put it simply, it is a pleasure to work with you. I look forward to doing more of that in the future.


Chuck Neff
President, Executive Producer